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What to Text My Ex Girlfriend

What to Text My Ex Girlfriend

So you’ve got your phone out and want to know what to text my ex girlfriend; well that all depends on what your intentions are. Are you looking to make her jealous? Do you want to just have a little fling with her for a night? Or are you trying to get back into a relationship with this girl and don’t know what to say because she isn’t replying to the texts you’ve been sending her? Well scroll down the page and find the option you are looking for concerning what to text my ex girlfriend.

Get Ex Girlfriend Jealous

If your goal is to get your ex girlfriend jealous, there are a few things you can do. One of my favorite things to do to a girl I’m trying to make jealous is to send her a text I would only send a girl I’m really interested in and then pull out the rug from under her! Here is what I mean. Send her a text like:

“I’ll pick you up tonight at 7pm ;)”

Then when she replies, immediately send her this:

“Oh sorry, wrong number”

And don’t text her anymore! This will send all types of emotions through her body. Who is he talking to? Was he joking? Does he have another girl? Even if she texts you back, don’t say anything, just don’t respond anymore. If you do plan on texting her again, make sure to wait at least two days before you do.

Get In Ex Girlfriend’s Pants

So you want a little fling with your ex girlfriend who you haven’t talked to in awhile but don’t know where to start? The best way to do this is to get her over to your place. You have two options for this:

  1. The Rekindle Card
  2. The Sympathy Card

Both work, but depending on your current relationship with your ex will determine which one to use. Card number 1 would be if you are still on a friendly basis with her and she is responding to your text messages. Something like:

‘Hey, I’m cooking dinner but forgot some of the steps to the pasta dish you taught me, can you come help me?’

Card number 2 is a little different. This is more if your ex hasn’t been responding to your messages, you cheated on her, or you don’t know where you stand with her. It would go something like this:

‘Hey, I’m kind of sad and could use a friend right now, can you come over and talk to me?’

You may have to tweak the example texts a little obviously, but know which one to use and you should be making out with your ex in no time!

Get Ex Girlfriend Back

If you are trying to get back with your ex girlfriend, what you text her depends on a ton of factors. How long has it been? Who broke up with who? Is she talking to another guy? However, there is one text that you can send no matter what is going on, that can level the playing field so to speak, and get her interested in you again. Whip out your phone, find your ex’s number and send her this:

‘Hey Jessica, you know what you are completely right. We should be broken up. I’m starting to see other people and this is best thing for both of us.’

You’re thinking what the heck? Agree with the break up, why would I do that? Well there’s a lot of psychology behind this, but what is something that all girls, and guys for that matter, want? They want what they can’t have! So when you say you’re fine with everything, you want to be broken up, and you tell her you’ve moved on, something is going to go off in her head. She will start thinking, ‘Wait a minute, I can’t have him anymore… I want him back!’ And that is what we’re going for here.

Okay, this is just the first text! You have a few more steps to go in order to get your girlfriend back. If you want to know a lot more tips, what else to text your ex girlfriend, and free advice on how to get your ex girlfriend back, click on theĀ next page to find out more!

Author Bio: Zac Miller

Author of The Art of The Text: The Ultimate Guide on Texting GirlsZac Miller is the author of The Ex Recovery Blueprint: The Ultimate Guide on How to Get Your Ex Back. You can find out more about what inspired his book on the "About the Author" page here. Zac is a specialist when it comes to relationships, and influencing others. His interests include psychology, water skiing, and poker. He runs seminars for couples in his home state of North Carolina. If you would like to contact Zac, please go to the contact me page, where you can email him.