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How to Win Back Your Ex Girlfriend

Hello, welcome to the website. I’m the Ex Girlfriend Master, Zac Miller. If you found this page, you are looking for the best advice on how to win back your ex girlfriend. I’ve been in your shoes and have made the all too common mistakes most guys make and lost girlfriends forever… you don’t have too!

How to Win Back Your Ex Girlfriend

So I want to help you. I’m going to teach you the first thing to do in order to win your ex girlfriend back. Lets go over a little background first though. Now when a girl breaks up with us, a girl we really liked, most guys just go insane. We start non-stop texting her, calling her, buying her gifts, flowers, pretty much doing anything we can to try and get this girl back. Movies and society portray these things as great ideas, but they are actually mistakes that can push your girlfriend away… and away into the arms of another guy if you’re unlucky. So what do you do?

The first step regarding how to win back your girlfriend is to actually let her break up with you. That’s right, let the break up happen! You’re thinking Zac, why would I do that? Well lets go over a little Psychology 101.

What’s something girls… and guys for that matter… want… they want what they can’t have! So when you tell her its over, that’s fine, no problem, and act nonchalant like it didn’t even effect you, this is going to implant a little seed in her mind that will say, wait a minute… he didn’t care… I can’t have him anymore… I want him back! And that’s what we’re going for.

Now some of you guys are probably saying, Zac I am way pass that point. I’ve already done all the text messages, the phone calls, the gifts, and my girlfriend isn’t talking to me, what should I do? Well trust me okay, I’ve been there and I know what you’re going through… I also know what you can do to get her to start talking to you again!

Author Bio: Zac Miller

Author of The Art of The Text: The Ultimate Guide on Texting GirlsZac Miller is the author of The Ex Recovery Blueprint: The Ultimate Guide on How to Get Your Ex Back. You can find out more about what inspired his book on the "About the Author" page here. Zac is a specialist when it comes to relationships, and influencing others. His interests include psychology, water skiing, and poker. He runs seminars for couples in his home state of North Carolina. If you would like to contact Zac, please go to the contact me page, where you can email him.