Should I Call My Ex Girlfriend?

Should I Call My Ex Girlfriend?

So you just saw a picture of your ex girlfriend on the internet and you’re thinking, should I call my ex girlfriend? What if she calls me, should I answer? Should I call my ex back?

All these questions are running through your head when you’re thinking about calling your ex girlfriend. This can be a difficult situation as the wrong move could make things worse than it already is, or even push your ex away for good!

Should I Call My Ex Girlfriend

So what do you do?

Well it depends. Has it been a year, a month, or did you just break up yesterday?

The longer it has been, the more appropriate it is to call her phone. You see if it's been a long time, lets say a year, she has had a lot of time to “forget” about the relationship. She forgets the time you got drunk and took your pants off in the library, but remembers the time you gave her a rose on her birthday. Like anything else, time heals all wounds.

So if it has been a year, go ahead and call her, but make sure you check out the home page before you do; you can find some great ideas of what to say.

Now let’s say you just broke up 3 days ago. You may think you can fix things with this phone call, but that is NOT the right move here. It doesn't really matter what you’re going to say, if you want her back, you need to steer clear of the phone for awhile. There is a lot of raw emotions at this stage, and she hasn't really had time to think about things very much. So even if you called expressing your un-dieing love for her, she’s still so angry that it won’t matter. Emotions need time, which is why you should leave that phone on the hook.

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