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Things to Do to Get Your Ex Back

So you’re looking for things to do to get your ex back? Well I got news for you, the things you’re doing right now are probably not the right ones. Here are the most common things people do to get their ex back: Calling Your Ex: “Hey Jessica… it’s me again. This is the 3rd (read more…)

What to Text My Ex Girlfriend

So you’ve got your phone out and want to know what to text my ex girlfriend; well that all depends on what your intentions are. Are you looking to make her jealous? Do you want to just have a little fling with her for a night? Or are you trying to get back into a (read more…)

How to Win Back Your Ex Girlfriend

Hello, welcome to the website. I’m the Ex Girlfriend Master, Zac Miller. If you found this page, you are looking for the best advice on how to win back your ex girlfriend. I’ve been in your shoes and have made the all too common mistakes most guys make and lost girlfriends forever… you don’t have (read more…)

I Want My Girlfriend Back

So you’re currently thinking, you know what, I want my girlfriend back! Well you’ve come to the right place! Hi I’m Zac Miller and I’m going to be your relationship coach for the next 5 minutes. There are a number of things you should be doing right now that will increase your chances of getting (read more…)

Getting Over a Break Up – For Men

Getting broken up may be one of the single most emotional things you can deal with in your life. The person whom you've shared your love, secrets, and much more with no longer wants to be with you. Here are some tips for getting over a break up for men. It is perfectly reasonable to (read more…)

Should I Call My Ex Girlfriend?

So you just saw a picture of your ex girlfriend on the internet and you’re thinking, should I call my ex girlfriend? What if she calls me, should I answer? Should I call my ex back? All these questions are running through your head when you’re thinking about calling your ex girlfriend. This can be (read more…)