How do I use ExRated?

Check up on present relationships or get advice on new ones.

Character reviews of real people written by EXs who know the score.

  1. Fill out a review on a previous romance, and score it from 1 to 5 stars.
  2. Create an anonymous profile.
  3. See who else reviews the same person and how many new "ex-friends" you are connected to!
  4. Comment on reviews and make recommendations - Loads of fun!

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Found something that doesn't work?

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Features we are working on...

  • Page Memory :: The system remembers the way your page looked the last time you were there (applies to search, messages, friends list, et cetera.)


Version 1.10 » 1.20

  • Complete isolation of coded layers → UI logic, client-side logic, ajax/server-side logic, and data interactions.
  • New world localisation reference tables
  • Restructure of Member data to conform to world localisation data formats
  • Restructure of Toaster data to conform to world localisation data formats
  • Transition from US based localisation data to world localisation formats → search strings, APIs
  • Structured clean-up of data for iOS app expansion and server portability.

Version 1.09 » 1.10

  • Complete revamp of the front and back-end code for clarity and security

Version 1.08 » 1.09

  • Additions to User preferences and communications functions
  • Simple changes and additions to guest home page

Version 1.07 » 1.08

  • Various changes to the ExRated User Interface
  • Various bug fixes

Version 1.06 » 1.07

  • You can now Edit and Delete Reviews
  • You can now Edit and Delete Surveys

Version 1.05 » 1.06

  • Various UI tweaks and updates.

Version 1.04 » 1.05

  • Review comments are now open to all members.
  • Minor changes and fixes to the Review Flagging System.
  • Minor User Interface modifications.
  • If multiple EXs are found when searching for someone to rate, the number of reviews is returned for each name.

Version 1.03 » 1.04

  • Restyling for Web and Mobile-Web devices
  • Added profile button to Primary Navbar
  • New social media connectivity for reviews.

Version 1.02 » 1.03

  • Various iOS compatibility bug fixes.

Version 1.01 » 1.02

  • New descriptions added to Survey.
  • Review Text length changed from 140 to 256 characters.
  • New support page with changes log, features log, and suggestion box.
  • Bug reporter removed.
  • Various changes to About page and Home Page

Version 1.00 » 1.01

  • Various changes for iOS compatibility.
  • Bug reporter added.